Writing Advanced CAE – Expresiones (III)

Qué tal van vuestras prácticas con el writing? Ya has empezado a incluir alguna de estas expresiones “que suben nota”?

Aquí vengo con la 3ª hornada de expresiones para acercaros a la meta de aprobar esta parte del CAE. No olvides suscribirte al blog aquí para recibir contenido exclusivo.

Hoy vamos a ver cómo mostrar certeza, diferentes formas de comparar y contrastar (esto les encanta), como introducir un tema y por último, alguna expresión elegante para concluir.

Acuérdate de dejarme un comentario con tus sugerencias, me servirá para darte un mejor servicio y estaré muy agradecido!!

Certainty & Uncertainty

● certain  (that / to do)

It now seems certain that life exists elsewhere in the universe.

The committee are almost certain to accept the proposal.

● there is no doubt that / there is no denying the fact that

There is no doubt that there is a link between smoking and lung cancer.

However irritating his arrogance may be, there is no denying the fact that he is a brilliant player.

● not sure / unsure

I am not sure whether this story is true or not.

The police are still unsure about exactly what happened.

Comparing & Contrasting

● compared to/with; in comparison to/with

Compared to most other European capitals, Vienna has a low crime rate.

In the Philippines wages are very low in comparison with the US.

● unlike     – a diferencia de…

Unlike his brother, he has no interest in music.

The drug has almost no side effects, unlike other drugs that are used to treat this illness.

● in contrast to / by contrast (with comma)

In contrast to the south, the north of the country has a low unemployment rate.

The north of the country has a low unemployment rate. By contrast, in the south many people are desperate to find work.

 ● make/draw a distinction between

It is important to make a distinction between allowing a patient to die comfortably, and actively helping them to do so.

Subjects and topics

● as for            (to introduce a subject which is connected with what you were saying before)

You can ask the others, but as for me, I’ll be busy in the office.

As for racism, much progress has been made, but there is still much to do.

● focus on

In this report I will focus on the three main search engines currently in use.


● the main conclusion to be drawn… is that…

The main conclusion to be drawn from this discussion is that the best way to help slow readers is to help them recognise individual words.

● in this… I have tried/attempted to…

In this report, I have attempted to demonstrate why improved training is the best solution to the current problem.   


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