Ejemplo Writing Advanced CAE Sample – Report

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En este caso, os presento un report para ser entregado al responsable del Departamento de Inglés, para explicarle nuestra experiencia con un nuevo método de aprendizaje.

Report: introducción más 3 ó 4 párrafos bien diferenciados. Recomiendo poner títulos para facilitar. Seguro que por ahí lo habré comentado antes, hay una persona que os tiene que corregir y queréis que os ponga buena nota…ponédselo fácil 😉

Os destaco las expresiones que enriquecen el texto.



Dear Sir. As the Head of the English Department, I thought it would be interesting to let you know about this new and innovative way of learning English.

The purpose of this brief report is to describe the marvelous holiday I have enjoyed, combining a number of leisure activities with the luxury of premium class accommodation and with the excellence of the latest teaching methods.


What undoubtedly inspires you to start looking for this kind of holiday is your willingness to work hard and to improve in a foreign language. Regarding this point, my experience could not have been better. I am still delighted by the level demonstrated by the teacher each day. He used to make such an effort for solving our doubts and giving us comprehensive explanations that it could have been considered as private tuition.


It would not be fair if the extremely high level of the rooms went unmentioned. Even though we did not spend much time in the hotel, it fulfilled the main requirement asked for a hotel, nice beds for being able to rest properly after an overworked day.


I would also highly recommend this alternative holiday for those who are thinking of getting to know Britain in more depth. Although we missed the tour due to the awful weather that set in, we were offered a wide range of walks and visits.


If any student reading this report is still thinking that this might have been a boring holiday (too cultural), nothing could be further from truth. When well organized, you have time for everything. We have also gone shopping and have had lunch in outstanding restaurants. Last but not least, I can guarantee that there are good parties at night. I strongly urge my classmates to try it.

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