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Hola amigos! Cómo van las prácticas del Writing? Con esta sección no os podréis quejar con el ritmo de crucero que he cogido. Es más, si practicáis con la misma frecuencia que publico los writings, no tendréis problema para sacar una buena nota 😉

Hoy toca un artículo acerca de cómo los teléfonos móviles han entrado en nuestra vida. Ale, a por ello!


No matter how old you are. Neither if you’re keen on technology or not. It doesn’t even depend on how much you like them. You cannot decide about it. The evolution of technology has already made the decision for you…and for me. Actually, we all have become slaves to them. Obviously, we are talking about mobile phones, these user-friendly gadgets with an awesome design that have conquered our pocket. And maybe our lives?

No one would dispute the fact that the penetration of mobile phones in our lives has exceeded everybody’s expectations. They were born as a stand-alone electronical device to make calls.Their main aim was to allow people to communicate between them wherever they were, removing the dependance on wires. At that time, it would have been difficult to accept the idea that, this device, was going to be part of our personal and professional lives to an unexpected level.

Talking about its irruption in our personal life, a recent survey has proved that almost 70% of the population of Spain uses the mobile phone’s alarm clock application to wake up in the morning. Undoubtedly, these small devices are making some things easier for us. For example, nowadays we don’t need to make several calls for meeting our friends. Instead of that, we open a “Facebook chat” or a group in WhatsApp that allows us to interact with everybody at the same time.

On the other hand, we have the emerging problem of the addiction to the smartphones and social networks that is being detected in our teenagers. Should parents restrict their access? The discussion is open.

Concerning our professional lives, we could barely imagine our working time without smartphones. However, some years ago, nobody but high-level managers used those first, very basic and featureless phones. Nowadays, it’s very common to see everybody checking their email, sharing pictures or documents and so on, with their smartphones. And just by touching these kind of magic touchscreen! As we see, there cannot be any doubt that they have also entered our professional lives.

To sum up: fortunately, technology is continuously  being developed and it helps in our daily tasks, making our life and work more agile and easier.

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