Transformations (part IV)

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46. It’s possible that they got the wrong idea and thought the party was next week (reached)
46’. They might have reached the wrong conclusion and thought the party was next week.

47. If you must be noisy could you go outside and play (insist)
47’. If you insist on making a noise could you go outside and play.

48. Police are warning people to check for forged notes which … (lookout)
48’. Police are warning people to be on the lookout for forged notes which …

49. Parents predict chaos in schools unless the strike is called off. (result)
49’. Parents claim it will result in chaos if the teacher’s strike goes ahead.

50. How can I make him understand that I don’t want to see him any more? (across)
50’. How can I get it across that I don’t want to see him any more?

51. There has been a sharp rise in the price of petrol this month (risen)
51’. The price of petrol has risen this month

52. Lisa was just about to leave the house when the phone rang (point)
52’. Lisa was at the point of leaving the house…

53. Tom’s company had less success with its exports this year (so)
53’. Tom’s company was no so successful with…

54. A number of sporting events had to be cancelled owing to the bad weather (led)
54’. Bad weather did not led the celebration of a number of sporting events

55. When it comes to computer games, she is a real expert (concerned)
55’. As far as computer games is concerned, she is a real expert

56. Carlos really should get someone to mend his bike (high)
56’. It’s high recommended that Carlos has his bike mended

57. Do you think she is likely to win the competition? (chance)
57’. Do you think she ­is in with a chance of winning the competition?

58. I’ve been greatly impressed by the way he deals with problems (made)
58’. His way of dealing with problems has made an impression on me

59. The reduction in the price of the magazines led to a growth in sales (result)
59’. Sales of the magazine grew as a result of the reduction in the price

60. I think the weather will improve next week (change)
60’. I think there’ll be a change for the better in the weather next week

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