Transformations (part III)

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31. I’m sure we went the wrong way at the last junction (taken)
31’. We must have taken the wrong turn at the last junction

32. I’m so sorry, I didn’t realise it was so late (track)
32’. Sorry, I lost track of the time

33. Apparently, the restaurant in town has been bought by someone else (under)
33’. I hear that the restaurant in town is under new management

34. Brian was really interested in North American history in his school days (interest)
34’. Brian had an interest in North American history…

35. When it comes to population, Beijing’s is much bigger than Auckland’s (populated)
35’. Beijing is much more populated than Auckland

36. The manager should think about experience when hiring new staff (consideration)
36’. The manager should take experience into consideration when…

37. The anti-smoking advertisement does not stop people from smoking (ineffective)
37’. The anti-smoking advertisement is ineffective at stopping people from smoking

38. She has learnt a substantial amount from her university course (gained)
38’. She has gained a substantial amount of knowledge from…

39. It is a good idea to learn Chinese to improve your future job prospects (taking)
39’. Taking up Chinese is a good way to enhance your work opportunities

40. When I realised what had happened, I became quite afraid (overcome)
40’. I was overcome with fear when I worked out what had occurred

41. We saw the litter on the ground and picked it up and put it in the bin (hesitation)
41’. We grabbed the rubbish off the ground and threw it in the bin without hesitation

42. Do you think you could give me a hand to move the sofa? (mind)
42’. Would you mind giving me a hand to move the sofa

43. Can you possibly get me the work as soon as possible. (appreciate)
43’. I would appreciate it if you could get the work to me as soon as possible.

44. Apparently, they’re planning on rerouting the traffic to reduce congestion. (drawn)
44’. Plans are being drawn up to reroute the traffic to reduce congestion

45. It was a mistake not to write the telephone number down. (point)
45’. I should have made a point of writing down the telephone number.

3 thoughts on “Transformations (part III)

  • Buenas tardes, tengo una duda, al hacer las transformations, deberíamos cambiar todo lo posible de las palabras con sinónimos o simplemente con hacer la frase con la palabra ewuerida y que sea correcto es válido?

    • Buenas tardes Iñaki! La regla es utilizar de 3 a 6 palabras incluyendo la Key Word y NO alterar el significado. Mi recomendación es que te ciñas a modificar la frase lo justo y necesario para que cumpla con las dos reglas, es decir, lo segundo que dices en tu pregunta. Saludos y gracias!!

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