Transformations (part II)

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16. How can I make him understand that… (get)
16’. How can I get it/the message across (to him) that…

17. They still haven’t carried out a full assessment of the effects (been)
17’. The effects have yet not been fully assessed by them

18. John was surprised when he won the election and became President (rather)
18’. John was rather taken aback when he was elected as President

19. The police now think he invented the story to protect his girlfriend (made)
19’. He is now thought to have made up the story to protect his girlfriend

20. To repair and redecorate their house next month (up)
20’. To have their house cleaned up by next month

21. He thinks his girlfriend does not appreciate him (granted)
21’. He dislikes not being granted by her girlfriend

22. They have postponed the meeting until January (been)
22’. The meeting has been put off until January

23. We need at least six people to help us (no)
23’. No less than six people are required to help us

24. A common belief is that British people cannot speak foreign languages very well (weak)
24’. British people are commonly believed to be weak in speaking foreign languages

25. You could have been seriously injured not wearing a seatbelt (think)
25’. You must think yourself lucky you weren’t seriously injured not wearing a seatbelt

26. Would you give us your answer as soon as possible (convenience)
26’. Please respond at your earliest convenience

27. The hotel was further away from the beach than was claimed (nowhere)
27’. The hotel was nowhere near as close to the beach as they claimed

28. I wasn’t expecting my colleagues to organise… (taken)
28’. I was taken aback (by surprise) when my colleagues organised…

29. It is no likely to happen, but if you’re not satisfied… (event)
29’. In the unlikely event that you’re not satisfied…

30. It’s one thing to think there’s a demand for your product and another to… (world)
30’. There’s a world of difference between thinking there’s a demand…and (another –ing)

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