Gapped Sentences (III)

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They are planning to postpone their house-warming party
There is little support within the party for a change of leadership
The restaurant got very busy when a coach party arrived full of people

Before we close the meeting I’d like to raise the question of punctuality in the office.
The press are calling into question Government claims that…
The company claim there is absolutely no question of making anybody redundant.

I’m driving into town and can drop you off at the station if you need a lift.
Can we just drop the subject and talk about something else, please.
Temperatures are likely to drop to below freezing tonight.

She avoided her friends from home
The car just avoided hitting a lamppost
We’d have enjoyed the play more if we hadn’t avoided the first act

Harry has already spent two terms at the college
The speaker used technical terms
He must understand all the terms laid down in the agreement

This piece of music never fails to move me
They are planning to move to Australia
The club intends to move the date for the annual dinner

They are looking for a woman with fair hair
There is a fair chance that he’ll pass
The weather will be fair today
I’ll do my fair share of the work
It would be fair to say that we played very badly

Mrs Lorenzo showed me a copy of the book
The results showed that…
Petra showed no interest in science

You will have to do it at some point
To get to the point of the lesson
Politeness isn’t really his strong point

The government needs to take major decisions
It doesn’t take much intelligence to realise that…
All we can do is take our accountant’s advice

The organisation of ideas in my essay was clear
The secret of a clear skin is drinking water
The road was clear of traffic

The band got its first big break in 2003
Unless there’s a break in the weather
They went to Spain for a short break

She can’t behave well during the lessons
Everyone speaks very well of him
He knows his subject very well

His inexperience may count against him
I can always count on him
Mary should count herself lucky not to have been sacked

To be in high spirits
He has held a high position in local government
Because of the high winds

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