Gapped Sentences (II)

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Please see that the door is locked
We’ll have to see whether or not
We went last night to see Hamlet
I’m going to see Lucia later
I’ll see what can I do
I can see your point

A burst tyre
The river burst its banks
They suddenly burst into laughter

She gave a very interesting account of her trip to Tibet
To open a bank account
To take into account

To create a statue in memory of the late Prime Minister.
This computer is so much faster since we added extra memory
I have no memory whatsoever of much before the age of five.

The police have sealed off the crime scene
In the opening scene of the play we see…
Our reporter is at the scene now and we can speak to her live.

Tom has his own legal practice in the centre of town.
I haven’t ridden a bike for years so I’m probably a bit out of practice
He told me how much he wanted to put the things he’s learnt into practice

Can you keep an eye on my bags?
To thread the cotton through the eye of the needle
We are looking for someone who has an eye for design

You’re free to choose which module to study
The service is entirely free of charge
I’ve been completely free from pain

John has just taken up the position of Marketing Manager at a local college.
He put me in a really difficult position asking for money
The yoga teacher told everyone to remain in a standing position for 30».

Apparently, the police are going to charge the man with assault
I had to charge the battery of my car as it had gone flat.
The company have to outline how much they will charge for the work.

I gave my view of the portrayal of the main character in the film.
There was a wonderful view from the hotel window
He couldn’t see the game as his view was blocked by the people in front.

I had a real sense of achievement when I passed the exams.
I don’t see the sense of going all the way into town
Paul has a great sense of humour

It wasn’t my fault – the vase just fell off the table.
The manager is always finding fault with people
There was a fault with the computer and we had to take it back to the shop

In the not too distant future
I’m a little worried about Steve lately as he seems so distant
he travels to distant galaxies in search of other life forms.

I am writing with respect to our recent meeting on 21st May.
The match has been cancelled out of respect for the death of the Manager.
Students in Spain have more respect for teachers than they do here.

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