Gapped Sentences (and IV)

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The committee met to discuss the plans
The writer met the deadline
The engineers met so many problems that

The passage is too narrow
He had a very narrow escape
To win by a narrow majority

To wear sensible clothes
The sensible thing to do is to ask for advice

The shoes are so tight that I can hardly walk
The screws are tight
Hold on tight or you’ll fall over

She was wearing a plain blue blouse
Write it on a plain paper
The plain truth is that he’s crazy

The village is cut off from the outside world
To get outside advice

To get money under false pretences

Would you care for a cup of coffee?
To care for the injured animals
He doesn’t care that his aggressive behaviour…

Everyone was getting in his way
I can’t imagine him going out of his way to help anyone else
None of them knew the way to the museum

He must take urgent steps to stop that.
I climbed the final steps of the lighthouse
You should retrace your steps and go back to camp

The song stood a good chance of being a hit
Being the one with accent, I stood out amongst the others
My parents stood by me all the time I was in prison

No one will claim responsibility

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